9th of December is International Anti-Corruption Day

by Claudia

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Today is International Anti-Corruption Day.

9th of December was designated International Anti-Corruption Day by the UN in the context of the UN-Convention against Corruption. The political, economic and social costs of corruption are widely knows. anti-corruption consulting wants to use this opportunity to reflect about the steps to take against corruption.

First step: Awarenss-Raising

The most important step of avoiding corruption is awareness-raising. Training in organisations, companies and educational institutions help to prevent corruption. People who are aware of the danger of corruption think twice whether something is legally correct or ethical.

Second step: Transparency in Operational Procedures

When it comes to operational procedures people often argue: we have always done it this way. But one has to consider that the Austrian criminal law was changed and some procedures might now – unwillingly - contain corruptive acts. Transparency in operational procedures is another step to avoid corruption. This can be reached by (transparency) data bases, more-eyes-principle and other measures in organisation management.

Let us not give corruption any chance! Contact anti-corruption consulting for a first (free) assessment of your compliance!

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