anti-corruption consulting at the International Anti-Corruption Summer Academy 2014 (IACSA) of the International Anti-Corruption Academy

by Claudia

anti-corruption consulting at the International Anti-Corruption Summer Academy 2014 (IACSA) of the International Anti-Corruption Academy

Permanent adaptation to the ever changing conditions of a country by the part of the corruption fighters is one of the most important components in countering corruption. This and much more is what I have learnt as a participant of the yearly seminar series IACSA of the International Anti-Corruption Academy in Laxenburg in July 2014.

One of the tasks of the academy – an international organisation –  is the education of national and international anti-corruption experts. In particular the seminar series of 10 days with the slogan Practice meets Science presents trends, research and scientific results in the field of anti-corruption.

Lecturers were scientists, compliance chief officers, lawyers, professors and other experts from all around the globe. Alan Doig, Michael Johnston, Martin Gill, Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Robert Klitgaard, Clare Short, Johannes S. Schnitzer are to name but a few who reported on topics such as the psychology of dishonesty, anti-corruption in public procurement, motivating business in countering corruption, latest trends for a compliance management system, implementation of an effective anti-corruption programme for global corporations, corruption in sport as well as in extractive industries and the global arms trade. Furthermore, the persistence of corruption was analysed.  

anti-corruption consulting is looking forward to informing you about the lessons learnt in its services (lectures and consulting)!

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