Compliance Management System for Companies and Organizations

Do you want to protect yourself against corruption in a comprehensive way? Should your corruption prevention cover more than just a seminar or training for your employees, then anti-corruption consulting can advise you in implementing a compliance management system.

In the context of risk management, anti-corruption consulting will analyse departments that might be prone to corruption – such as sales & distribution and purchasing as well as processes involving public officials. As a consequence, compliance guidelines will be decided upon that should ward off dangers of corruption. By means of a code of conduct you will present to your employees in writing how to behave as a rule.


Regular training consolidate this knowledge and allow your employees to pose practical questions. In this way, insecurities will be explained and entrenched processes avoided – since the latter ones are not yet adopted to the amendments to the Criminal Law on Corruption in 2013. An anonymous (computer based) whistle-blowing system in your company guarantees that suspicious cases will be alluded to and weaknesses can be improved. Third Party Due Diligence is another component of a Compliance Management System. It makes sure that you work with ethically and legally correct business partners.

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