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Today is International Anti-Corruption Day.

9th of December was designated International Anti-Corruption Day by the UN in the context of the UN-Convention against Corruption. The political, economic and social costs of corruption are widely knows. anti-corruption consulting wants to use this opportunity to reflect about the steps to take against corruption.

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Transparency International

Austria Ranked 23rd at the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2014 of Transparency International (TI)

TI published its CPI 2014 which consists of surveys of consultancies, NGOs, trusts and managers of international corporations. The CPI measures the perceived public sector corruption as well as its prevention and the fight against it.

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anti-corruption consulting at the International Anti-Corruption Summer Academy 2014 (IACSA) of the International Anti-Corruption Academy

Permanent adaptation to the ever changing conditions of a country by the part of the corruption fighters is one of the most important components in countering corruption. This and much more is what I have learnt as a participant of the yearly seminar series IACSA of the International Anti-Corruption Academy in Laxenburg in July 2014.

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First EU Anti-Corruption Report published in Februar 2014

Corruption alone is estimated to cost the EU economy EUR 120 billion per year, just a little less than the annual budget of the European Union. In comparison: Austria loses EUR 17 billion on corruption per year (Prof. Friedrich Schneider, "Johannes Kepler Universität" Linz).

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