Your Consultancy for Corruption Prevention and Compliance

Corruption prevention is the most important component of compliance

Who is included in the term “public official”? What does the anti-corruption legislation in Austria imply?

If you want to know the legally correct answers – which changed due to the amendments to the Austrian Criminal Law on Corruption in 2013 -, then you should book a training or take advice on topics of corruption prevention.


anti-corruption consulting is specialized in seminars, training and consulting in corruption prevention, the most important component of compliance. The different services are offered in German and English, on demand also in Spanish and French.

Advantages of ethical management:

  • It represents a motivation for your employees, business partners, clients or shareholders to cooperate with your enterprise.
  • Awareness-raising about corruption as well as consulting in corruption prevention contribute to both increased competitiveness and higher profits for your company.
  • Correct corruption prevention safeguards you against potential financial and criminal liability.
  • Last but not least, corruption prevention improves your company’s reputation by emphasizing its ethical correctness and thus, contributes to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


„If the system is reasonable, corruption is disruptive. “

Prof. Christian Stadler (University of Vienna)


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